January 28, 2015

Escape the Cold with the Help of an Auto Transport

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Old Man Winter is raging this year with record snowfalls and blistering cold. There’s no point in asking Punxsutawney Phil because we already know the answer: there is plenty of winter left in store for us. Many enjoy the picturesque scene of a first winter snowfall or the first time the lake freezes over. However, after a couple of months when that pile of snow has turned dirty brown and the sun hasn’t peeked out from behind the clouds, we begin to long for the warm again. Fortunately, there is no reason you have to suffer through the long, cold months of winter when summer awaits just a few hundred miles south.

Make like a snowbird and head south for the winter where you can enjoy endless sunshine and tropical breezes. Professional auto transports make this a little easier by easing the burden on you to travel by car or rent a vehicle in your sunny destination. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional shipper to relocate your vehicle to your sunny winter home.

You Can Fly Instead of Driving

Just when you can’t take the cold any longer, you’re in luck. You can book a ticket, step onto a plane, and be in a tropical paradise in just a matter of hours. Forget the endless drive and let us worry about transporting your vehicle. By arranging an auto shipper, you’ll have the ease and convenience of air travel while knowing your vehicle is in good hands.

You Won’t Have to Rent a Vehicle

A lot of thought and planning goes into relocating for the season. It can be a costly affair between housing costs and travel. One unnecessary cost you should avoid is renting a vehicle in your new location. Often car rental companies will overcharge you for simple sedans. The cost can go soaring through the roof after just a few weeks. There is no need to swallow this cost when a professional auto transport can bring you your vehicle for a fraction of the cost you would spend on a seasonal car rental. This option offers you the added advantage of having a vehicle that you’re comfortable with and don’t have to get used to driving.

Southbound Trips are Common in the Winter

When a professional shipper is arranging a vehicle transport, a lot goes into planning it. One of the most important considerations is cost. An unusual route or off-season move can be especially costly as it can take time for a broker to track down a shipper and it will not have the luxury of choosing from a large pool. Fortunately, in the winter, many shippers head south and this means that there are plenty of transports available. Customers will have a better chance of finding a convenient shipping time and an affordable price during the peak months of snowbird shipping.

Forget the cold and head south for the winter with the help of a professional and reliable auto transport.

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