March 14, 2015

Should I Hire Someone to Drive My Car?

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Moving is a hassle and there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important and difficult ones can be how to relocate your vehicle. Though you may have always dreamed of the chance to take to the open highways for a cross-country road trip, such an adventure may not be in the cards for you. These trips can take days and you may not be able to take that kind of time off work. Additionally, for individuals with kids, they may not be able to take the children out of school that long. Whatever the reason may be, you might be considering the use of a professional to relocate your vehicle.

When it comes to relocating a vehicle professionally, you have two main options.

If you are moving your vehicle and want to make use of a professional, you typically have two distinct options. The first is hiring a driver to get your car to the new location. The second is booking a trip with an auto transport that will ship the vehicle.

1. Driveaway Service

A driveaway service is a decent option for someone who is moving a short distance. Often these services cost slightly less than an auto transporter and you can get exact dates for when it will be picked up and dropped off. However, driveaway services can log serious miles on your vehicle, especially if you are relocating cross-country. The wear and tear that can accompany such a drive may not be worth it for your vehicle. You risk the vehicle breaking down or otherwise having problems along the way that can be extremely costly as well as time-consuming.

2. Auto Transport

The other option you have is to hire an auto transport. The way these work is that you can hire a professional trucking company to relocate your vehicle from state to state. Your car can be loaded on either an open or closed transport and will be shipped with a load of other cars. These professionals are able to move your vehicle across state lines efficiently and without any wear and tear to your car. Because the vehicle will be loaded up rather than driven, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down or otherwise suffering from such a long trip. Just as if it were parked in your driveway, your car will be able to sit stationary during the long trip and arrive in its new destination as good as new.

There is a lot to consider when choosing between a driveaway service and an auto transport. Before you make a decision, be sure to weigh the costs and benefits and choose the option that works best for you.

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