Automobile Shipping


etting your car from Point A to Point B can be a stressful and costly affair. Often, people wrestle with the choice between driving it themselves or having their vehicle commercially shipped. For many, the choice comes down to a compromise between cost and convenience. But at MBA Logistics, LLC, we take the guesswork out of the decision and make it a no-brainer by offering safe, efficient, and affordable shipping for all types of vehicles. Our services include:


Door-to-door-serviceDoor to door service
When you choose MBA Logistics, LLC, you are selecting a vehicle transport that is committed to your convenience. We don’t just ship your car; we handle all of the logistical details to make it as absolutely convenient for you as possible. With door-to-door service, you don’t have to lift a finger to relocate your vehicle from state to state or across the entire country. Because some urban areas are difficult to navigate with our large cargo transports, there are some occasions in which your vehicle can’t be delivered right to your door, but we do our very best to get your vehicle right to you without compromising safety.

Enclosed-auto-transportsEnclosed auto transports
Whether you’re shipping a classic car or high-performance vehicle, or you just want a little extra care, you can choose one of our enclosed transports. Generally, transports are open to the outside, just like your car would be if you were driving. With enclosed transports, you can protect your vehicle from rain, sleet, snow, and other outdoor elements by having it shipped entirely indoors. We don’t change trucks or transport loads, so you never have to worry that it will be exposed to the outdoors during our transports.

Private and commercial relocating
MBA Logistics, LLC, is uniquely situated to handle both private and commercial transports. Our customers range from car dealerships to individuals relocating for new jobs. By not pigeon-holing ourselves by only serving a certain type of client, we are constantly working to find new and efficient ways of bringing you the very best service for your specific needs.

Time sensitive moves
Let’s face it: things come up. Whether you’ve been offered a new job with little notice or your shipping plans fell through and you need an auto hauler ASAP, you’ve come to the right place. We will work quickly to get your car on the next available transport and have it to your door as soon as possible.

Inoperable vehicle moving
Sometimes you don’t have the option of moving your own vehicle. When you have an automobile that is no longer operable, we can help. We are skilled in transporting vehicles that are otherwise immobile.

Free quotes
We’ll never surprise you with hidden costs and surprise surcharges. Call us ahead of time and we’ll offer you a free quote for your transport.