January 19, 2015

How Long Does it Take to Ship Your Vehicle?

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When exploring your options for moving, one of the questions your likely to consider is whether you should have your vehicle professionally shipped. This is a great way to ensure that your car arrives safely at your new location without you having to go through the trouble of actually driving it there. Your likely to have a lot of questions about auto transportation including how long the process takes.

Vehicle shipping is an industry designed around maximizing convenience. From easy pickup and drop-off to shipping options designed to the needs of your vehicle, including open and closed transports, your shipment is meant to smooth the process of moving for you. The time it takes to ship your vehicle depends on the distance of your move and the extent of your preparations. There are two separate components that go into determining exactly how long a move will take:

Arranging the Auto Shipment

This element of auto transport rewards the individual who plans well in advance. By making arrangements for your vehicle to be professionally shipped at least one if not two weeks in advance, your auto transport will have adequate time to schedule the shipment. Car carrier brokers are dependent upon this notice to make arrangements for the right car carrier that is traveling your route and is affordable. Less notice can jack up the prices as auto transports are not able to thoroughly investigate and negotiate the various transportation options and must instead choose from a pool of those who can take a vehicle on short notice. Auto transport companies always do their best to negotiate or you an exceptional rate, but this process is much easier if they have enough time. Once your vehicle has been schedule for a pickup, most car companies will give you a window in which the vehicle will be picked up. This will allow you to make specific plans on your end. Do yourself a favor and get on the ball early and you’ll be glad you did.

The Distance from Door to Door

After your car has been picked up, the amount of time it will take to arrive at your new location depends almost entirely on the length of the route. Short moves offer quick turnover in delivering your vehicle, but cross-country moves can be much longer. Auto transports haul many cars at once, which is what allows them to keep their costs down, so they often need to make stops and deliveries. To get your vehicle moved across the country generally takes upwards of one to two weeks. Plan ahead what you will do about transportation during this time. Many customers take advantage of public transportation or rental vehicles to bridge the gap between their relocation and their vehicle’s arrival.

To get an accurate sense of how long it will take for your vehicle to be shipped, contact your auto transport company to discuss your specific move.

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