December 15, 2014

Dispelling Myths About Transporting Your Vehicle

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For many people, the world of car shipping is filled with unknowns. Because individuals often only make major moves a few times in their lives, they don’t have a great deal of experience in shipping their vehicles. Often these same people have heard myths and misinformation about transports and how they work. This may lead them to have apprehensions about transporting their vehicle or altogether steer clear of this simple and cost-efficient option. Below we take on some of the most common myths and set the record straight.

Myth #1: It’s cheaper and easier to work directly with an auto transport carrier.

It’s a common myth that you can save money and time by cutting out the middleman and working directly with an auto transport carrier. The logic simple enough, as often third party brokers perform a function that an individual with a little knowledge can do themselves. The DIY industry is built on this can-do attitude. However, when it comes to transport companies, it takes quite a bit more than “a little knowledge” to organize a shipper for your vehicle. Part of the process of transporting a vehicle is finding a shipping company that is traveling the exact route that you need. Finding one is fine, but you can’t expect to get a great rate without having options to choose from. Shipping brokers have a huge network of contacts to draw on that allow them to demand the most affordable rates.

Additionally, auto transport brokers are accustomed to handling the customer service and paperwork. Many car carriers do not want to be bothered with this end of the business and will charge more for the service. Working with a broker means getting a great rate and knowing all of the details of your shipment will be handled smoothly and professionally by a company that is in your corner.

Myth #2: Open carrier transports are unsafe.

Many people operate under the misconception that open carriers are unsafe. Perhaps they have seen these trailers traveling down the highway and wondered how exactly the cars were loaded to ensure total safety. From this lack of knowledge grew a myth that they must be unsafe. On the contrary, open carriers are actually tremendously safe, efficient, and affordable. Though cars transported via open carrier are exposed to the elements (as opposed to those in a closed carrier), the danger is no greater than simply driving your vehicle down the road. In addition, open carriers are 20-25 percent cheaper than their closed counterparts, making them the more economic choice for those looking for an affordable way to ship their cars.

Myth #3: Standard car insurance offers enough coverage.

Car owners beware: not all car insurance will cover damage from shipping your vehicle. It depends entirely on your unique insurance policy. Before you assume you have coverage, be sure to read the terms of your policy carefully and, for maximum security, speak with your insurance representative. That said, even if your insurance doesn’t cover your vehicle while shipping, reliable shipping companies will have their own insurance. Commercial transports are required by law to carry insurance on the cost of their vehicle as well as their cargo. Be sure to check that your car carrier company carries the proper insurance before shipping your vehicle.



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