December 8, 2014

Choosing Between Open & Closed Auto Transports

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Thanks to commercial transport companies, it is now possible to make a major cross country move without actually logging the miles on your vehicle. These auto movers offer a convenient and affordable way to relocate without having to personally drive your car, which can add wear and tear to the vehicle and cause you unneeded stress.

Once you make the decision to have your vehicle professionally shipped, you will need to decide what kind of transport you want to use for your vehicle. Reputable companies will give you the option of deciding whether you want your car shipped in either an open-air or enclosed transport. Both are excellent and safe options for relocating your vehicle, but each offers its own unique advantages.

Open Air Transports

An open-air transport is a tractor-trailer that uses a car carrier exposed to the elements. Generally the tractor-trailer is between 70 and 80 feet and hauls a double-decker auto trailer with cars in two rows on the top and bottom levels. There are no sides nor a roof on the trailer, but it instead functions as a frame trailer within which vehicles can be safely and efficiently shipped.

Open-air transports are a great option for a number of reasons:

  • Inexpensive – open-air transports are usually less expensive than enclosed trailers, which allows consumers to keep their costs down.
  • Fuel Efficient – open-air transports are lighter, allowing them to use less fuel, which is in turn better for the environment.
  • Easy Visibility – with an open-air design, drivers can better monitor vehicles during the shipping process.

The only drawback to this type of transportation option is:

  • Open exposure – vehicles are exposed to weather elements and occasionally road debris, just as a car would be when driven on the highway.

Enclosed Transports

Unlike open-air transports, enclosed trailers are fully closed off with four walls and a roof, offering a secure form of travel for your vehicle. The transports are still shipped by traditional tractor-trailers and more than one vehicle can be shipped in an enclosed trailer.

Enclosed trailers provide an important advantage:

  • Fully Secure – enclosed transports are an excellent way to ship prized vehicles such as antiques, luxury autos, or expensive sports cars. Because they offer a great deal of protection to the vehicle, there is no danger of a vehicle being damaged by weather or any potential road debris that could be kicked up during the shipment.

There are a few drawbacks to this form of transportation:

  • Expense – fully enclosed transports come with a higher price tag than their open-air counterparts, which can be a factor for families moving on a budget.
  • Less Visibility – a fully-enclosed trailer makes it slightly more difficult for drivers to monitor vehicles, which means that they must stop more regularly to provide routine inspections.
  • Less Fuel Efficient – enclosed trailers have larger mass and weight, which makes them less fuel efficient than open-air transports.

To decide what is the best option for you, consider what type of vehicle you are shipping and how secure it should be. Collector’s cars and other antiques are usually shipped via enclosed trailers, while owners with vehicles that are a few years old and not in pristine shape will often choose open-air transports. Reputable transports such as MBA Logistics provide you with bonded and insured transports, so you can know, however your vehicle is shipped, it will be handled professionally.

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